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Cultural Learning Journey's


Bindi Bindi Dreaming recognises cultural difference and aims to deliver cross-cultural interaction. The journey's help participants become self-aware, increase, expose and connects with different people culturally.


The journey's are for anyone looking to improve their capacity to operate in a cross-cultural context. They are designed to deliver cultural information to assist participants to gain a better understanding of Noongar people and our culture and ways.


The demand for cross-cultural training has increased dramatically over the past years and so Bindi Bindi Dreaming has designed cultural learning journey's in reposnse to the demand and can tailor a number of sessions to suit.


Bindi Bindi Dreaming has delivered cultural learning journey's to the following and have been successful:


City of Melville - Noongar cultural learning journey's delivered at Piney Lakes Environmental Education Centre in the evenings with local residents (sessions have been booked to capacity).


Mentoring Aboriginal youth on Noongar culture with a on-country experience. Most highschool students, Conservation Volunteers Australia Aboriginal program.


Department of Health staff, on-country experiences. Full day experiences in sharing Noongar history and our culture.


Serco security staff at Wandoo Reintegration Facility. 1/2 day delivery of cultural learning journey's.


City of Joondalup - Noongar guided tours at Lake Joondalup sharing bush tucker and medicines. On-country experience.


Closing the Gap cultural sessions in partnership with Oxfam Fremantle. Evening sessions with bushfood tastings.


Murdoch University staff with the Aboriginal birthing research unit - Cultural Learning journey sharing cultural knowledge about Noongar history and women's knowledge. 1/2 day delivery with women only.


Topics covered in sessions:

  • Traditional Noongar society

  • Impact on Noongar people in regards to Colonisation

  • Effective engagement on Noongar people and our communties (protocols and sensitivities)


Also Noongar history, Noongar Six Seasons, Men's and Women's roles, bush tucker and medicines, healing and sprituality, role playing, artifacts viewing, Noongar map of clan groups.


Bindi Bindi invites you to take up the opportunity to expand on your knowledge of Noongar history and culture. A better understanding of respect for Aboriginal and Torres Islander cultures, develops an enriched appreciation of Australia's Cultural Heritage for all Australian's.

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