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Bindi Bindi Dreaming delivers a range of cultural activities and cultural information that is easy for both teacher and students to learn.


Bindi Bindi Dreaming has aligned presentations to meet the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures Cross Curricular priorities in the Australian Curriculum. See website for further information.

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Bindi Bindi Dreaming has been delivering presentations to Schools,Polytechnics and Universities since 2000 and of a high professional standards.


Presentations focus on sharing cultural knowledge about Noongar people, history, connection to country and delivering this knowldege with hands-on activities.


Bindi Bindi Invites you to take up the opportunity to expand on your knowledge of Noongar history and culture. A better understanding of respect for Aboriginal and Torres Islander cultures, develops an enriched appreciation of Australia's Cultural Heritage for all Australian's.


Bindi Bindi Dreaming can apply the following sessions to most childcare centres. The experience for the littlies will be more of a hands-on session. From the ages 2-5 years will be most suitable.


Fun and interactive activities Includes:


  • Artifacts viewing - students get to hold and feel boomerangs and a wooden bowl called a coolamon.

  • Noongar boundary map (Clan groups)

  • Noongar Six Seasons - deeper knowledge about each of the seasons such as learning their names, our movements and traditions in each season.

  • The Traditional roles of Men and Women in Noongar society

  • Noongar memory games - kids learn language

  • Song and Dance - learn the movements of animals and songs in Noongar

  • Noongar Language for names of Animals and Plants

  • Noongar Dreaming stories - why animals have certain features

Bindi Bindi Dreaming has just introduced cooking sessions sharing knowledge of

our native foods and run sessions teaching students how to cook simple meals

uses the ingredients such as lemon myrtle, saltbush, bush tomato and many more.

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