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Women's Cultural Workshop


In Aboriginal culture the women are powerful with the knowledge they hold within the Aboriginal society. Their role as women makes them very important. Such duties are looking after the children, gathering the fruits, seeds and nuts, preparing the food ready for cooking, knowledge of medicines and much more. To keep our connection to country alive some of these visits and rituals are still performed in today's society. Our culture and knowldge reminas very strong today.


Elder women have shared with me their knowledge of country as well as other women's cultural knowledge. I have been informed that I’m now in the role to share with other women this great knowledge and reconnect them to country.


The women’s workshops are aimed at reconnecting the spirit back to the land and finding your inner power as the land guides you. This may also be a visit to significant women's site within Noongar country as the teachings are based on Noongar cultural knowledge.


The women's workshops can be designed specifically for your group or organisation. Come have a chat and we can sort your workshops.


I am also in partnership with City of Melville and they organise and take bookings for women's workshops.

These workshops are for 2 hours and are only for women. Please see their website for further details. Click here.



Some of the Activities that you may experience in the workshops include: bush walk/talk showing of artefacts; lunch and afternoon tea. 


Group sessions are available on request. Packages are available at request.


Women's cultural retreats are available on request. An overnighter experience that connects the soul and body to our country we know as Mother Earth


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